Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hounding The Press

Does anyone ever remember the press staked out on someone's lawn 24/7 just waiting for an opportunity to shove a microphone in someone's face and ask, "How does it feel losing your eight year old daughter?"

I know that they are secretly hoping that their prey will break out in song and tap dance across the driveway, but that never happens. What is the point of this little excersize of confronting the victim? The answer is simple: ratings.
I don't really think a responsible news corps has a right to chase ratings. A responsible news corps has a duty to inform the public by asking tough questions and casting light into the dark corners to expose those who are undermining our democracy.

Hopefully very soon we will be turning the tables and hounding them. "Why haven't you payed any attention to this story?" "What makes you think Paris Hilton should be the main focus of the American public?" If we are able, en mass, to ask these questions on a daily basis i suspect they may opt to become more responsible. If fact I am hoping that some of them become journalists.

When this project gets off the ground in a few days anyone who wants to should be able to cut and paste the entire press email list into the "Send To:" window in their email and if we work together send the entire news media the same message from countless individual voices from accross the country. This should have a huge impact if we get our numbers up. Further, we also have the mailing addresses and phone numbers of all the TV and Radio Stations in the US which we will post as soon as we are able. We want to encourage anyone who is willing to follow up with a paper letter to those stations in your area or call the stations directly if you feel the need.
Be patient, we are working very hard on this project.
Thank you for your support.