Monday, July 16, 2007

Why We Must Impeach!

It seems rather obvious that the Administration enjoys a cult following. The ideology they embrace is wholly UnAmerican in it's timbre, it's demeanor and it's behavior. The United States Constitution means absolutely nothing to them. Habeas Corpus even less. It is they, the over privileged, who matter most. We are cannon fodder, consumers and/or criminals to them. Nothing anybody can say will change their minds that they are completely right even when they are completely wrong which is every single time. They hold us and our representatives in Congress in contempt. They consult with no one. Our President is unlearned, uneducated and incorrigible. Our Vice President is paranoid, secretive and delusional. Our foreign policy is a disaster and a disgrace. Yet they sail on as if everything is going to plan and they are followed by the blind and ignorant.

Congress should send the Sargent at Arms to arrest Harriet Miers for contempt of Congress and try her in the Senate. If found guilty they should jail her. The future of our nation is teetering on the brink. If it looks darkest before the dawn perhaps it looks even darker when there is no certainty the sun will ever shine again.