Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

Today while many are celebrating our independence from tyranny George Bush is celebrating his independence from our judicial system. While asking members of the National Guard to go above and beyond their responsibilities and go to Iraq again and again and again George W. Bush has gone above and beyond our constitutional system. He has declared himself independent of Habeas Corpus; independent of Congressional oversight; independent of even the laws he signs with his own hand.

I feel no sense of celebration today. Whatever we gained in ousting a far away despot king so many years ago has been ripped from our grasp and spit upon by a grinning court jester with the morals and integrity of a third world dictator.

I can not watch the fire works. I am unwilling to wave the flag of a nation I no longer recognize. While George Bush may be a hero to some I can only think that they must be independent of rational thought or worse they are coldly calculating what they will gain from the destruction and pillaging of a once great nation.