Sunday, July 1, 2007

Television Stations List Ready

We have gleaned and tested the emails for the television stations from our raw data. To give you an idea how difficult this was here is a sample of what we started with.

"KVER","41601 Corporate Way","Palm Desert","CA","92260-1971","760-341-5837","760-341-0951","SPN","159","",""
"KSPX","3352 Mather Field Rd","Rancho Cordova","CA","95670-5966","916-368-2929","916-368-0225","pax","19","",""
"KIXE","603 N Market St","Redding","CA","96003-3609","530-243-5493","530-243-7443","PBS","133","",""
"KRCR","755 Auditorium Dr","Redding","CA","96001-0920","530-243-7777","530-243-9382","ABC","133","",""
"KKPX","660 Price Ave #B","Redwood City","CA","94063-1431","650-261-1370","650-261-1293","pax","5","",""
"KRCB","5850 Labath Ave","Rohnert Park","CA","94928-2041","707-584-2000","707-585-1363","PBS","5","",""
"KCRA","3 Television Cir","Sacramento","CA","95814-0750","916-446-3333","916-441-4050","NBC","19","",""
"KQCA","58 Television Cir","Sacramento","CA","95814-0750","916-447-5858","916-441-4050","MYT","19","",""
"KTFK","1710 Arden Way","Sacramento","CA","95815-5008","916-927-1900","916-614-1906","SPN","19","",""
"KTXL","4655 Fruitridge Rd","Sacramento","CA","95820-5299","916-454-4422","916-739-0559","FOX","19","",""
"KUVS","1710 Arden Way","Sacramento","CA","95815-5008","916-927-1900","916-614-1906","SPN","19","",""
"KVIE","2595 Capitol Oaks Dr","Sacramento","CA","95833-2977","916-929-5843","","PBS","19","",""

Needless to say we had a lot of cutting and pasting to do. Worse, some emails (as you can see if you look close enough) are capitalized and had to be corrected. Other mistakes of varying and frustrating types also exist in the original.

We are still working on the radio list which is much longer than this. We will post it when we are finished.

Please read the instructions very carefully on the page with the list. If you do not have a Yahoo Email Account I strongly suggest you get one. Most email servers will not let you send this many emails at one time.

One final note: You will get emails in this list that are dead. You will recieve a messege telling you it was not deliverable. This will happen. Don't worry about it.

I suggest as a first mailing that we send the letter in the upper right to remind the press what their job actually is.

If you are willing to, please sign your name and use your own words in the subject box.